PEFCTM Chain of Custody (COC)

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PEFC requirements for CoC are similar to the requirements of the FSC® CoC Standard so that both standards can easily be combined in one audit. Different are often only the terms for requirements with identical content. Similarly, PEFC also allows three methods for the product flow: Physical separation, percentage based or volume credit method (see FSC).

Material CategoryPEFC Label Category
„PEFC Certified"
Wood or wood based material from certified forests which are sustainably managed according to a certification system recognized by PEFC. The product consists of at least 70 % certified or recycled material. The content of recycled material is below 85 %. If desired, the percentage of certified material can be added.
“PEFC Recycled”
The product consists of at least 70 % recycled material. The content of recycled material is calculated according to ISO / IEC 14021.

Differences to FSC refer first of all to formal requirements regarding the declaration of products on invoices and delivery notes; in addition, a formal appeal procedure has to be introduced in case of PEFC. PEFC also stipulates an annual internal audit.

Multi-Site and group certificates are possible; here, the differences of definitions and requirements are slightly greater. On the other hand, PEFC has no special standard for recycled material.



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