WorldCert - the innovative answer to an urgent demand!

In order to make "the impossible" possible, IMO has used its long-standing experience in international certification and product flow control to develop an electronic world novelty, WorldCert, which enables to issue transaction certificates (e.g. certificates of inspection according the Regulation EU 1235/2008) for a global market in the short-est amount of time, with high security and still granting full reliance and conformity. Have a look at IMO WorldCert:
In order to give better service and orientation on how to use this online system yourself, we are now available on skype: tc-service.imo.

The IMO WorldCert Programme offers the following features and services

  • applications filled in by the customer, supported by automatic product and quantity verification system;
  • verification of valid import authorizations before applications can be processed;
  • all relevant data will be available in the system, additions and changes can only be done by the IMO Certification Manager;
  • all applications will be checked by the IMO Certification Manager before releasing a transaction certificate;
  • each transaction certificate will carry a unique security code for identification;
  • authorized officials will have access to verify the security code and whether a certificate has been issued;
  • certificates will be sent by .pdf directly to the importer, the customs office, the authori-ties or any other recipient assigned, identified copies are available for the exporter and other recipients;
  • for better planning, the importers may apply for access to the status list of certificates for his consignments;
  • urgent needs can be serviced with a priority procedure.

IMO WorldCert is a valid answer to the requirements of Regulation (EC) No 1235/2008 and it will be flexible enough to adapt to changing requirements and special demands by the participants. Programming of phase 2 has been finalised. We are most interested in receiving your comments and proposals for additional inclusions.


  • 24 h access via internet
  • individual data entry
  • customer access to certification statistics
  • IMO export verification procedures
  • data security system
  • control access for authorized officials
  • electronic certificate release
  • likewise for domestic and international use

Demo Version

To have a glance at the demo version, visite and log in with "demo" and use "demo" also for password. You will then reach the WorldCert homepage with the active links to "Draft Certificates" and "History".

To establish a new certificate choose:
  1. "Draft certificate"/"create new certificate".
  2. Fill in Container numbers, B/L- or AWB-number, invoice number and date
  3. Choose importer, 1st consignee and the producer
  4. Click "create" to proceed
  5. Choose: "Positions"
  6. Select the product
  7. Fill in weight, lot numbers and reference numbers as needed and click create when complete.
  8. Repeat for all products needed
  9. Once all products to be shown on the certificate of inspection are established, go back to "Certificates" and click on "create" to send the request to certification department of IMO.
  10. Your request will be transferred and does now appear in "History".
  11. You will be able to follow the processing of the certificate in "History". Last minute amendments can be done by IMO upon request.
  12. The certification department will scrutinise your request and the documents handed in. It will contact you if further information is needed to allow the issuance of the certificate of inspection.
  13. The original certificate will be sent to your buyer by airmail.
  14. The copies of the certificates issued can be downloaded as PDF-files in "History".
  15. The list of certificates can be downloaded as a csv-file for your easy reference and statistics.


Department Transaction Certificates
Fon +41 (0) 71 626 0 626

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