Natural Leather Certification: IVN Natural Leather Standard

The IVN Natural Leather Standard defines requirements for the production of high quality leathers – high quality in terms of technical, ecological and human health parameters.
Several substances commonly used in leather tanning, such as chromium salts, are harmful or toxic to human health and/or the environment. Chromium salts are discharged via the waste water into the environment, where they may even lead to the pollution of ground and drinking water. Both, disposal as well as incineration of chromium tanned leather products causes the release of harmful substances. Additionally, chromium salts pose a direct health hazards for workers and consumers, as they are known to cause contact dermatitis and eczema in susceptible individuals. Alternatives like vegetable tanning can serve the consumers demand for leather products, such as upholstery and shoe wear, produced under less environmental harmful conditions, and are therefore accepted within the IVN NATURAL LEATHER standard.

The certification covers the whole processing chain; from husbandry to raw hides, through environmentally and socially responsible manufacturing up to labeling of the leather in order to provide a credible assurance to the end consumer. Traceability is achieved by the implication of all production stages.


Key Elements of the IVN NATURAL LEATHER standard

  • All inputs have to meet basic requirements of toxicity and biodegradability
  • No chromium tanning, no glyoxal, no short-chain chlorinated paraffins
  • The place of slaughter must be documented, no raw hides from endangered species
  • Environmental policy required in manufacturing sites
    Social criteria (based on ILO core conventions) are compulsory
  • Dual system of quality assurance consisting of an on-site inspection and a safety net of targeted residue testing

IMO - Your Specialist for Sustainable Leather and Textile Certification


IMOs qualification as natural textile certification body is based on years of leading experience in the field of ecological and social quality assurance along the global leather and textile production chains.
IMO is offering verification of appropriate dyes and auxiliary agents to be used for textile pretreatment, dyeing, printing and finishing to the chemical suppliers. Respective approved positive lists for GOTS are available for clients on request via the web-based at:
IMO is a specialist in certification of organic husbandry, hides, skins and leather products.
IMO is an expert in the field of Fairtrade and Social Accountability, schemes that become more and more important in the international leather and textile market. Audits according to the Fair For Life Social & FairTrade Programme and according to natural textile standards may be combined with cost-effective benefits.

More information

IMO offers since 2012 certification and traceability of natural leather from raw hides to consumers avoiding chromium tanning. We invite you to inform you about the environmental impact of leather, the new IVN Natural Leather Standard and the certification in the following leaflet: Natural Leather Certification
If you have any further questions or wish to take advantage of the services of IMO, feel free to contact


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Fon +41 (0) 71 626 0 627

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