Registration of off-farm inputs

Alternatively, IMO offers the registration of off-farm inputs that implies the technical evaluation of the formulation of the products for use in organic farming according to the EU Reg. (EC) 834/07 and 889/08, USDA NOP Final Rule, 7 CFR Part 105 and JAS organic standard. This evaluation is based on documents provided by the inputs manufacturer/distributor and must be annually updated by the inputs manufacturer/distributor and sent to IMO.
Based on all information provided by the client, IMO evaluates whether the products are in compliance with the requirements of the relevant standards. The manufacturer/distributor is not allowed to use any reference to IMO approval or the IMO logo in the product labels, internet or other advertising material. IMO registration of off-farm inputs is a country-specific procedure. In order to register the off-farm input(s) for use in several countries a separate registration for each country has to be handed in.

 >> Download the list of Off-Farm Inputs attested and registered by IMO at the Section Inputs...
Note: The official registration of off-farm inputs by the respective regulating authorities in the country of production, use or/and export is not of IMO responsibility. The above outlined IMO procedure does not substitute and does not include the official registration of the off-farm input(s) by the respective country authority.

IMO Off-Farm Input Registration allows you to

  • Benefit from IMO’s worldwide reputation for providing high quality services
  • Have your products listed in the IMO inputs list of registered products, reaching easier organic famers all around the world
  • Ascertain that the information provided by the off-farm input manufacturer and distributor company is held confidentially
  • Receive competent support in case of queries

Are you interested and want to know more?
Please contact directly the IMO Off-farm inputs Team at or your IMO local office!


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