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Local Certification Capacity

IMO is an international network of inspection offices. With this background IMO is a highly professional and well qualified partner for setting up local inspection and certification capacity for new certification bodies, e.g. in developing countries. Examples of IMO's experience in building up local certification bodies include the following cooperations and projects:

  • Organic Standard (Ukraine): building up an independent certification body, a project fundet by a project funded by the Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO) since 2006; Organic Standard achieved their independent accreditation according to EU Organic Regulation 834/2007 in October 2009
  • Balkan Biocert (Bulgaria): in this SECO financed project under the coordination of FibL (Switzerland), IMO is in charge of continuous support and training in inspection and certification as well as re-certification for the international market in the first years of activities. Balkan Biocert has been accredited EN45011.
  • Ugocert (Uganda) & Tancert (Tanzania): One of the activities of the EPOPA Project (Export Promotion for Organic Products from Africa) was the development of two local inspection and certification bodies in East Africa.
  • Over its more than 25 years of activity, IMO has supported and supervised many organic certification bodies most of which are by now acting as independent certifiers, e.g. ECOA (Egypt), COAE (Egypt), AOPEP (Bolivia), Biopa (Croatia), Certimex (Mexico), Organic Standard (Ukraine) .

IMO has a long record of training and continuous capacity building of local inspection and certification offices.

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