The USDA National Organic Program (NOP)

In 2002 the legislation about production of ecological products in the United States of America, the National Organic Program (NOP), has become effective. Producers and Processors that require exporting their products to the United States need a NOP certificate (for exceptions see below) and have to identify their goods with the USDA label.
Exception: Products certified according to the EU organic regulations being either produced or having had final processing or packaging occur within the EU may be sold as organic in the U.S. if meeting the requirements of the equivalency agreement.

IMO is accredited as official inspection agency by the USDA (see List of accredited certifying agents).
Compliance with the NOP standard must be checked during the inspection before a NOP certificate can be issued.

Link to the NOP Standard
Link to Reported Fraudulent Organic Certificates

News: IMO International NOP Newsletter

Please find important changes of the NOP standard and certification requirements in the IMO International NOP Newsletter, May 2015.


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