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Whether you need to check your products against regulatory standards, retailer request or for your own peace of mind and brand protection, our range of quality assurance services can be tailored to meet your specific needs and business objectives:

  • Certification: Certification guarantees that a product meets certain criteria, giving licensees distinction and thereby market advantage.
  • Inspection: IMO delivers an independent third-party inspection service to any organisation for which a private standard with measurable criteria exists.
  • Pre-Auditing: IMO conducts pre-audits worldwide to help you improve quality and monitor the working environment (social, ethical, environmental compliance throughout the supply chain).
  • Analysis: Analysis is a tool made available to inspectors and certification officers to ensure compliance of products with the different standards.
  • Expert services: Our experienced experts are strong in technical support (e.g. Training, Development, Research, Project Management) for quality assurance of organic and sustainable products in all related fields of our activity.
  • Training: IMO offers effective training services to develop knowledge and skills of your staff related to their understanding of relevant standards.
  • Standards and Regulations: IMO helps you stay up to date with the legal requirements.

IMO has global expertise and a worldwide network of experts, inspectors and auditors to help you sell your products with confidence. We provide effective tools to enhance sustainability and security for winning the confidence of both professionals and consumers. The overall high quality of IMO’s performance is continuously monitored and acknowledged by numerous experienced auditors and authorities. Find out more…

Discover IMO's range of services and sell your products with confidence: Our certificates are accepted and highly regarded in all markets.

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